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Inventory Operations Consulting LLC operates under the belief that small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors can maintain a high level of inventory management, inventory accuracy, warehouse utilization, and material handling, with minimal capital investment through optimization of current assets, process refinement and definition, and employee training.

Small projects are welcome .

Confidential and Independent.

Any information provided to me by my clients is completely confidential. Unless legally required to do so, or otherwise requested by you, I will not share your information with anyone outside of your organization. To keep things simple, I consider everything confidential. This includes all information and data you provide to me, any recommendations I provide to you, as well as any contact information and even the name of your company. That’s right, I won’t even acknowledge I ever worked for you. 

As a fully Independent Consultant, I do not maintain alliances with or receive income (finder’s fees or commissions)from software vendors or equipment suppliers.**  I work strictly as a client advocate providing unbiased analysis and recommendations. My affordable services focus on detailed improvements that lower operational costs and increase your ability to service your customers. 

** I do occasionally provide consulting services to software vendors and equipment manufacturers/suppliers. These are purely consulting services related to helping them understand operational issues or improving their functionality. I also receive some income from advertisements on the portal portion of

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Inventory Operations Consulting assists small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in improving inventory management and warehouse operations.

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Let be your web source for information on Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.

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I created in 2000, and the site quickly became a popular destination for web visitors from around the world. Built on the original premise of the internet being a place to share information, I try to present a high level of content available to anyone looking for information on inventory management and warehouse operations.