Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.


Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations Links

Below is my list of links to Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Material Handling, and Warehousing related sites. The listing of a site does not constitute an endorsement of the products or services offered. I have categorized the sites to simplify navigation, use the site index on the right side of this page to jump to a specific category. If you are aware of related sites please forward them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Update 2022: After years of neglect, I recently checked all links on this page. Unfortunatly, many of them were dead links and subsequently this page has much less than it used to. It seems the days of true informational websites is long gone.

Links Index

Informational Sites

Equipment Sites

Software Sites



If you have a question or would like to participate in web forums dedicated to inventory management and warehouse operations I have included several links below. I've been watching these forums for over a decade and have to say things look rather dismal. Many forums have died and gone away, and those still around have very little participation. I recommend looking at previously asked questions first as often the same question has already been addressed. I also recommend full participation, which means if you ask a question, you should also try to answer someone else's question. Come on must know something.

Update: Wow, I used to have numerous sites listed here, these are the only ones that still remain.

  •'s Forums. There are some great threads here related to lift trucks and the material handling industry. You do not need to register to view the threads, but you do to post a reply or start a new topic.
  • Industry Community Forums. Directory of forums on specific topics related to manufacturing.
  • Ask Me Help Desk. Easy navigation, allows searches across topics. .


Trade Publications.

Many of the trade publications web sites maintain article archives that can be searched. They also are good resource for finding info on trade shows, seminars, and educational courses. Most of the magazines listed offer free subscriptions with online registration..



General Informational Sites

Here's another category that lost a lot of sites over time.

Inventory Management

  • Visit my articles page for more inventory management information.

Information Technology.

Also see Software Sites Listing

  • You don't have to be an IT exec. to appreciate this site. Well organized structure makes it easy to find info on just about any IT related topic. Site includes an extensive collection of content-rich articles from CIO magazine and other sources. 
  • TechRepublic
  • IT Toolbox Supply Chain. Very well organized site focused on supply chain information technology. Site allows visitors to post online reviews of software packages and consultants (I didn't see any reviews posted).
  • Interested in Open Source software (a.k.a. Free)? is "the world's largest Open Source development website".
  • Accounting Software 411. Definitely more than just accounting software here. The site maintains a comprehensive database of software packages. You can select several package and compare features. Also maintains a message board for each software package (currently not a lot of messages on most packages but still a great idea).
  • Small Business Good source for tech info for small business.
  • Products for evaluating ERP and SCM software products
  • Information Week
  • A collection of news related to supply chain information technology


  • Essentials of Lean Manufacturing by Strategos Excellent site on lean manufacturing.
  • Business Industrial Network. This site does stray a little from the scope of "inventory operations", however, I decided to include it due to its extensive content. The primary focus of the site is related to PLCs. So for those responsible for plant automation and maintenance, this is a great site.

Auto ID/Barcode/Voice/RFID/Data Collection.

 Also see RF/Bar Code/Data Collection Manufacturers Links, Bar Code Books , Article on ADC, and Article on RFID.

Warehousing/Material Handling.

 Also see Articles Page

  • Interactive Warehouse. Interactive site which lets you set up a warehouse, create an order and let the system design the best picking route. Also gives info on the various methods for picking the best route and the effect warehouse design has on routing software.
  • If you're in the lift truck industry or just have an interest in lift trucks, this is a great site. Site includes discussion forums, industry news, directories, used equipment marketplace, and a whole lot more.

Transportation and Logistics

  • Logistics Network. Great site for finding info on transportation. Check out the Practical Guide for on-line excerpts from the book which can be purchased through this site.
  • Logistic Services Buyers Guide Find transportation services, public warehouses, etc
  • Leonard's Guide Online and print directories for Trucking Companies, Air Cargo, Third-Party Logistics, and Public Warehouses.
  • Container Handbook Excellent online guide for everything related to ocean containers. The containers, the ships, the history, how to secure loads, etc. Also see Transport-Informations -Service for additional container info. I believe both these sites are provided by the German Insurance Association.


Business: General

  • ARC Advisory Group These are the guys you see regularly quoted in the trades on issues related to market research, best practices, technology application, etc. They provide many services including subscription based information services and also provide some free reports and white papers online.
  • Great Systems. Good independent site on organizational improvement and leadership.
  • AuditNet. Good info on auditing.


Also see Inventoryops Dictionary/Glossary



Also see my articles on Lift Truck Safety, Loading Dock Safety, and Ergonomics. Buy the book

Equipment Sites:

Equipment (Lift Trucks).

Also see Lift Truck Pics and my article on Lift Truck Basics for information on types of vehicles.


Equipment (Storage Systems-Racking).

Also see Racking Pics or go to SJF's Pallet Rack Identification Guide to identify a specifc design of rack

Equipment (Material Handling Systems, Conveyor, ASRS, AGV, Carousels).

 Also check my Conveyor Pics and Automated Equipment Pics pages..


Equipment (Misc.)

Also see my Dock Equipment Pics Page


Equipment (Bar Code, RF, Data Collection, )

For more info Auto Id Information links, InventoryOps Bookshelf, and

Other Sources of Product Information Various directories of equipment manufacturers


Software Sites:

Note: Since it's not always easy to classify software packages I suggest you look through all of the categories. You may find some of the listings under ERP are just manufacturing or accounting packages and there may be some listings under manufacturing that have ERP capabilities. There are also various miscellaneous software packages scattered through these listings. I can't possibly maintain a comprehensive listing of business software so I instead choose to list some of the big players as well as an assortment of smaller, less expensive packages, and some just because they're interesting. Also be aware the software industry is constantly changing and I don't particularly have the time or interest in keeping up with all the consolidation, renaming, etc.

Software (ERP systems).


  • Compiere Free (sort of) open source ERP/CRM solution. Targeting small to mid-sized distribution and service organizations, Compiere is an open source ERP and CRM solution. If you're disgusted with ERP licensing fees, have some internal I.S. expertise, and an adventurous spirit, you may be a candidate for an open source solution. Compiere does offer fee-based support but there is no obligation to use it. If you are interested in other open source projects check out One catch here is that it appears that Compiere is is built on a commercial database (not free), therefore you would end up with some licensing fees.
  • webERP Another open source ERP system, and this one looks like it really is Free. webERP is browser-based ERP system built on PHP and MySQL.
  • JD Edwards Enterprise Software
  • SAP SAP R/3 and mySAP
  • American Software
  • Oracle. ERP and everything else.
  • PeopleSoft.
  • Syspro
  • QAD MFG/PRO software
  • Harris Data Enterprise software for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors.
  • ProfitKey. ERP
  • Great Plains Software Offering enterprise solutions for midmarket business. The acquisition of Great Plains by Microsoft has the potential of creating a high end business management solution with broad availability to small and mid-sized business. This will be one to keep an eye on.
  • Seradex ERP for make-to-order, engineer-to-order, and project-based businesses.
  • Catalpa Systems Core2 ERP software
  • Deacom ERP for manufacturing.
  • SMC Data Systems
  • NetSuite. Hosted web-based ERP products for various sized companies.
  • Ezijobz Software. ERP for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Includes pricing!!!
  • Manufacturing Action Group Inc. ERP/MRP software for small to mid sized businesses. Includes pricing!!!
  • Sage Software  offers several ERP systems for small to mid-sized business including MAS 90, MAS 2000, Platinum, and Best Enterprise.
  • WinMan Windows based ERP for small to mid sized manufacturers
  • Xdata Solutions. ERP focusing on make-to-order


Software (Inventory Management/Warehouse Management Systems)

Also read my article Warehouse Management Systems .

Software (Forecasting / Demand planning / inventory optimization).


Software (Manufacturing).

Also see ERP Software for more manufacturing software

  • DBA Software Manufacturing software for small manufacturers. Includes pricing!!!
  • Software PM. AS/400 based MRPII software for small manufacturers. Includes pricing!!!
  • MRP Plus MS Access based manufacturing software for small to mid sized manufacturers Includes pricing!!!
  • pc/MRP Multi-user MRP package for under $1,000 for a single user license. I was surprised to see the amount of functionality offered in this budget MRP package. Obviously targeting very small manufacturers pc/MRP provides a low-cost single solution that allow even the smallest Mom-and-Pop shop the opportunity to retire their paper based system. Includes pricing!!!
  • INMASS/MRP Computer software for manufacturing. PC based "cost-effective" manufacturing software.
  • Invertech MRA Low-cost "material requirements analysis" software 
  • Aim Computer Solutions "Repetitive manufacturing solutions targeted specifically for the small to medium sized automotive supplier".
  • Ultriva Lean manufacturing software products including kanban and scheduling tools.
  • nMetric Manufacturing software for scheduling and managing shop floor activities.
  • Low-cost custom spreadsheet-based scheduling software. Designs custom spreadsheets to meet your constraints-based scheduling needs.
  • Shoplogix Looks like some type of shop floor visibility/ manufacturing execution system.
  • MaxScheduler Scheduling Software

Software (Shipping Systems/Manifesting/TMS)

Software (Miscellaneous).

  • T|WO. Pallet building and load building software
  • Cube-IQ Load optimization software for container and trailer loading, palletization, and cartonization.
  • DC Expert Warehouse design and optimization program.
  • Systems2win Continuous improvement tools
  • Enterprise Dynamics Supply chain simulation software.
  • SIMUL8 Simulation software.
  • Flexsim Simulation software.


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