Services I DO NOT provide.

Though I provide a wide range of services, there are services I do not offer.

Inventory Counting Services. I can help you to develop a count process, but I do not offer services to actually count your inventory.

Software Selection. I do offer some services that can help in the software-selection process, however,  I do not actually find software for clients.  See Software Services for more information.

Safety Consulting. Although I have written a few articles on safety, I am not a safety consultant and do not offer safety consulting as a formal service.  I also do not offer "Expert Witness" or similar services (Lawyers, please stop calling me!) Since I have gained some knowledge of safety issues, I am more than happy to point out safety issues during the course of performing my other services, and can offer help related to lift truck operator training and certification. 

Expert Witness.  See Safety Consulting (above).

Transportation-related services. With a background in distribution and manufacturing, I certainly know a few things about transportation, but I don’t consider myself to be an expert in this area.

Hazmat. I do not offer services related to storing or transporting hazardous materials.

Engineering Services.  Though I often provide CAD drawings as part of my services, these are “conceptual drawings” to help demonstrate potential layouts, flows, processes, and equipment. I do not provide engineered drawings or engineering services.

Programming & Systems Integration.  I provide many services related to software functionality, but I am not a programmer or integrator.

Distribution Network Design.  I can help you with the physical, transactional, and inventory planning processes within your distribution network, but I don’t provide services related to designing the network itself.

Equipment sales or installation. I do not sell or install any equipment.

High-level Management Consulting.  I’m an operations consultant. I provide expert assistance with the combination of systems and processes involved with inventory management as well as the physical aspects of storage and material handling. I can’t help you with higher level management issues like sales strategies, business structures, etc.