Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations Consulting Services

Inventory Operations Consulting assists small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in improving inventory management and warehouse operations.  Services provided include services related to inventory management, inventory accuracy, cycle counting, MRP, DRP, ERP, WMS, manufacturing, storage, slotting, material handling, shipping, receiving, order picking, warehouse layout and operations.

I call this " Inventory Operations" and define it as the combination of systems and processes involved with inventory management as well as the physical aspects of storage and material handling. If it has to do with inventory, I can probably help. See detailed categories below for more information.

Inventory Accuracy, Cycle Counting, Physical Inventory.

My services related to inventory accuracy are among my most popular services. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has analyzed inventory accuracy to the level that I have. Rather than just focusing on technology, I’ve focused on why we make errors, how to create processes that make it easier to be accurate, how to train employees to be more accurate, how to catch errors before they affect customers, and how to best count inventory. This is how accuracy happens.   More Inventory Accuracy Services >>

Inventory Management.

Managing inventory isn't simple, yet so many businesses hinder themselves by using overly simplistic methods in attempting to manage theirs. Calculations for safety stock are the best example of this (and one of my most requested services). Safety stock is an incredibly important part of managing inventory, and there are effective ways of calculating it. While the calculations can get complicated, they are very workable once you get started in the right direction. That's where I come in . . .   More Inventory Management Services >>

Warehouse Process Improvement: Order Picking, Shipping, Receiving, Putaway, Replenishment.

Process improvement is a somewhat broad topic and is at the core of all the services I provide. What I offer is cross-functional operations knowledge that includes extensive knowledge of inventory management, physical warehousing  and material handling, as well as information systems set-up and transaction processing. More Warehouse Process Improvement Services >>

Warehouse Layouts and Slotting.

A well-designed warehouse ensures you are achieving the optimal balance of cost, productivity, and space utilization while taking into account accuracy, throughput, and safety. I’m a firm believer in designing warehouse layouts that take into account the unique operational needs of each facility. I specialize in small to mid-sized warehouses.  .   More Warehouse Layout services>>

Procedures and Training.

For decades I have been advocating the benefits of clearly defined processes, documented procedures ,thorough employee training, testing, and accountability. I offer my services to help guide you through troubleshooting processes, defining procedures, and training and testing your workforce.  I've done quite a bit of procedural troubleshooting in warehouse and manufacturing operations. More Procedures and Training>>.


Though I really hated having to put an "E" in front of consulting, it does explain the service I offer. I've found that quite a few of my services can work quite effectively without the need for onsite evaluations and face-to-face meetings. E-consulting has added a new level of affordability to my services. Learn more about E-consulting>>.

Services related to Inventory and Warehouse Software.

Software is an integral part of inventory management and warehouse operations, and many of my services involve assisting clients with improving the way their software works with their operations. I have extensive experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and other software used in Manufacturing, Distribution, Fulfillment, and Warehousing. But there are some limitations on my services related to software.  More services related to software >>.

Data Analysis.

Observation and experience is great, but if you really want to understand a business, you need to look at the data. Data analysis is a key part of some of the services I provide. I simply can’t provide recommendations for things like forecasting, safety stock, slotting, or order picking methods without conducting data analysis. But, I also offer data analysis as a separate service.   More Data Analysis>>

Services I DO NOT provide.

While I provide a wide range of services related to inventory management and warehouse operations, there are some services I do not offer. Listing of services I DO NOT provide.