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About Me: The short version.

Technically I guess I'm a consultant and author, but my business cards list my title as "Inventory and Operations Analyst" and I prefer that title.  I have three decades of experience working in inventory management, manufacturing, and warehouse operations as both a practitioner and consultant. During that time I’ve done everything from picking orders, driving forklifts, loading trailers and placing replenishment orders, to setting up software systems, designing warehouse layouts, developing complex custom inventory calculations, and managing distribution centers and manufacturing inventory.  Yes, I've done just about everything, though I'll admit it's been a while since I've driven a forklift.

This combination of hands-on experience and  high level of analytical and systems skills, along with my unwillingness to blindly accept what the industry accepts as standard practices, or what the trade magazines are pushing as the next new thing, sets me apart from many other experts.  My success has been based on solving specific problems for specific operations. Every business is unique in that each business has a unique combination of requirements as well as practical constraints. I help clients identify and implement solutions that are both effective and practical.

I've had clients in a wide range of industries and of a wide range of sizes. Everything from small e-commerce startups to large manufacturing operations. That said, my focus has always been on small to mid-sized warehouse and manufacturing operations. I've designed storage areas as small as 1,500 square feet, and warehouses up to around 200,000 square feet, but most of my clients' warehouses would be in the 5,000 to 100,000 square-foot range.

I've also developed a more streamlined approach towards consulting. My approach significantly reduces the amount of time I need to spend on your project, resulting in expert services that are affordable to even very small operations.

I've been an independent consultant since 2000, and have authored two books and numerous articles on topics related to inventory management and warehouse operations. 


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