Confidential and Independent.

Any information provided to me by my clients is completely confidential. Unless legally required to do so, or otherwise requested by you, I will not share your information with anyone outside of your organization. To keep things simple, I consider everything confidential. This includes all information and data you provide to me, any recommendations I provide to you, as well as any contact information and even the name of your company. That’s right, I won’t even acknowledge I ever worked for you. 

As a fully Independent Consultant, I do not maintain alliances with or receive income (finder’s fees or commissions)from software vendors or equipment suppliers.**  I work strictly as a client advocate providing unbiased analysis and recommendations. My affordable services focus on detailed improvements that lower operational costs and increase your ability to service your customers. 

** I do occasionally provide consulting services to software vendors and equipment manufacturers/suppliers. These are purely consulting services related to helping them understand operational issues or improving their functionality. I also receive some income from advertisements on the portal portion of