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Inventory Operations Consulting LLC operates under the belief that small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors can maintain a high level of inventory management, inventory accuracy, warehouse utilization, and material handling, with minimal capital investment through optimization of current assets, process refinement and definition, and employee training.

Fast, Affordable, Expert Assistance.

The unique services I provide assist small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in quickly and affordably improving inventory, manufacturing, and warehousing operations. My expertise and approach towards inventory management and warehouse operations is well documented in my books and numerous articles I have authored.

My streamlined approach towards consulting keeps project-level costs down, resulting in truly affordable expert assistance. I offer simple hourly-rate pricing for most of my services without any project-level commitment requirements. My Rates and Terms are available online along with detailed descriptions of the services I provide.

e-consultingIn recent years I've had a lot of success offering E-consulting  in addition to conventional consulting services. E-consulting has proven very effective with many of the services I offer and emphasizes my commitment to providing fast, affordable, expert assistance to businesses that otherwise may not have had access to my level of expertise.

As a fully Independent Consultant, I work strictly as a client advocate providing unbiased analysis and recommendations. My affordable services focus on detailed improvements that lower operational costs and increase your ability to service your customers. 

Inventory Operations Consulting L.L.C. is based in Kenosha, WI and provides inventory management, material handling, and warehouse operations consultant services to manufacturers and distributors throughout the United States. My primary service area covers Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois including Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas.  E-consulting and limited other services are available to businesses in the United States located outside of my primary service area.


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 For more information on Inventory Operations Consulting LLC services, a good place to start is my Frequently Asked Questions page and my Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations Consulting Services page.

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